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Awesome. I remember that game. =)

Anyway, your flash was quite well made and funny, and I only had one complaint-- the movie clip of the walking sprite was walking much too slowly.

MajinPiccolo responds:

He was walking slow on purpose, so that it would show he has no energy, duh, lol XD

For Great Movie.

All my ten are belong to this.

This has to be the best Zero Wing Parody ever created...

Please, make more. Your other stuff... not so great. But if your future stuff is this type of thing again, you're on your way to my favorite authors list!

Just know, some of the singing was a bit off... (OH MY GOD SO FREAKING FLAT) and there could be some vocal improvements there... but even so, the pure awesomeness of the parody is enough to bring this to a ten.

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Great graphics, pulled the comic book style off really well. My only complaint was over the use of a certain racial slur.


My only complaint, other than average graphics, was the preloader. You ought to just use the NG preloader.

Congratulations! You are a complete loser.

Wow, that's low. Really, really, low. Making fun of the mentally handicapped. I know, it can be funny once in a while to make a joke, but this was just pure crap. How about you go make fun of someone who A) Deserves to be made fun of and B) Isn't at a natural disability.
You need help. Sick Loser.

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Sure, it's not your best...

But even "not your best" is pretty damn good. This was hillarious! I am truly sorry that people's anal reviews have stopped you from submitting more of your great series to Newgrounds. This was by no means bad. The animation is superb, the sound was... fitting, and the old film style was pulled off perfectly. So what, there is an "old film style" movie on Homestar. BIG DEAL. You could say that everyone who makes sprite movies is ripping off Video Game Director's Cuts. Sure, some movies are similar to others, but there isn't that much left to do that already hasn't been done. Plus it's similar to things people LIKE. He's not "ripping off"... CSPAN. Seriously, awesome movie, and sorry that some people are immature- if you review and say the sound wasn't great quality, and he responds by saying that it was intentional, that doesn't mean he is being a jerk, he's explaining. AWESOME MOVIE!

Not bad, but it must be blammed.

Don't get me wrong, this looks quite funny. It just can't stay. Can't you read? SUBMIT PREVIEWS TO THE ALPHAS! AL-PHA's! The portal is for finished work only. So send THIS to the Alphas, and finish it up, then send it here when it is done!

Still, pretty good, just in the wrong spot.

I would give it a 4/5, but it is a preview, so 0/5.

Enter-Sandman responds:

Nobody cares what you say. You should rate it by the movie not by the the place its in

Not bad... for a stick movie.

Hey dude, you've got some skill. Now apply that skill to something better than more freaking stick movies!!! We're sick and tired of the portal-flooding stick movies, so if you're gonna submit anything, pleeeeeeease, don't make it a stick movie!
Seriously, though, you should try real flash, you've got some talent.

Well, just be glad it's better than Terra's Boobs

Wow, that was hillarious! I couldn't stop laughing!
That being said, the graphics were sub-"Terra's Boobs."
Still, that was great, just try to use more sprites and fewer simple boxes.

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